Welcome to the EU Health Governance network

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Working in, researching, studying or interested to know more about EU health governance? We’re delighted to introduce a new network to connect, support and inform this vibrant, interdisciplinary field – welcome to EUHealthGov!

EUHealthGov aims to provide a hub for the exchange of ideas and information on all things EU health governance. It is open to anyone with an interest in the health law and policy of the EU, regardless of geographical location, career stage, academic discipline, methodological tradition or professional occupation.

Sounds good…but why now?!

Well, two main reasons:

1. Even before COVID-19 raised the stakes and prompted the biggest expansion in EU health funding to date, there was a whole range of exciting developments taking place in health law and policy in Brussels. The launch of a(nother) new programme to tackle cancer, the impact of competition law on how health services are provided, the shaping of health policies within wider frameworks of fiscal policy and trade…there’s a lot going on. Despite this, there aren’t too many opportunities to engage in regular discussion with colleagues across disciplines, professions, countries and career stages.

2. From an academic perspective, EUHealthGov is particularly keen to elevate health within the field of EU studies. Though it’s origins reach back to the founding years of the European Community and its scope is as wide as many other policy areas, health seems to remain a lesser-known sub-field of EU studies. It features rarely and briefly in EU textbooks and syllabi, and is often part of social policy or welfare panels at workshops and conferences. EUHealthGov seeks to establish an identity for the sub-field.

Got it. So what is EUHealthGov doing to help, exactly?

There are several plans! Firstly, let us introduce the network website, Twitter account and mailing list. These will help us disseminate news, publications and ideas, and facilitate the sharing of information between network members.

The network will host events – these might include roundtables, ‘practitioner perspectives’, work-in-progress sessions, ‘in conversation’ events, and other formats. We’ll be seeking to cover a wide range of topics and perspectives, and to organise these events quarterly.

We’ll also be organising panels at the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) annual conference and other relevant events. For UACES (which generously funds the network), we hope to establish a health ‘section’, with a consistent collection of linked panels covering health-related topics. These panels will be open to academic and non-academic presentations, from any discipline, across career stages and countries. Early career colleagues are also able to apply for subsidies to support their participation. Additional funds will be made available to support network members in attending other, non-UACES conferences, to bring EU health studies to other audiences.

I’m convinced. How do I get involved?

– You can follow the network on Twitter

– You can visit the website

– You can join the mailing list

Most importantly, we’d love to hear from those working, researching and studying in the field of EU health governance. If you’ve an idea for an event or collaboration, if you’d like to present work or discuss an idea, if you’ve a blog post to share or news to disseminate, or if you’d like to feed in more generally – get in touch! The EUHealthGov Twitter DMs are open or you can email euhealthgov@gmail.com.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

The EUHealthGov coordinators

Dr Eleanor Brooks (School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, UK), Dr Charlotte Godziewski (Department of Sociology and Policy, Aston University, UK) and Dr Mary Guy (Law School, Lancaster University, UK).